Friday, February 27, 2009

Weather Freak

I am the weather freak of my friends and my office. I get made fun of for calling everyone at any time of day or night to make sure they are paying attention to the bad weather. I get teased, but I will wear that badge with honor if I can make sure all I love are safe. It is not a scared thing, it is a safe thing and a fascination thing. I should have been a meteorologist. I would love it!

Speaking of weather, today has been fun! We went from gorgeous, windy and 70 degree weather yesterday and last night to storms and tons of rain. They think a tornado dropped down about 4-5 miles from our office. It may have been straight line winds...they still have to check. The main thing has been the rain. Just this afternoon, some places have gotten almost 3 inches. It is going to continue to rain tonight and tomorrow. THEN something else may happen, but I will save that for another post if it happens! Fingers crossed!

Because of the storm, our office lost power so the best boss in the world sent everyone home. I am lucky enough that I can do work here, so it has been great working in The Big Green chair with sleepy schnauzers all around.

It has been very dark today. All the post lamps in the neighborhood are on. My NOAA weather alert is still going off. We are still under flash flood warnings and there are still tornado warnings for counties south of us.

I just took the pups out. We are all soaking wet, but they pee'd! YEAH! They don't like the rain.

I took some pics today and some of the TV. I will explain:

Here is what we look for in the South when radar is up. It is a hook echo. That means the storm is wrapping around itself and that is when a tornado could drop:

Here is cloud wall out of Demopolis, south of us. Sorry for the pic..taking pics of the TV. This is the type cloud that a tornado would drop out of and please note the barge going right into it:

Now here are the pics from the house...
We are almost lucky enough to have a lakeside home! We have what should be a wonderful field of grass across from the house, but all the grass is dead and I would like to thank the yard people for continuing to mow the dirt. It just makes it worse. So now I have my lake. I don't have a super zoom on my camera so I circled the "lake".

Here is some of the water pooling in front of the house. I can't through the pic explain how swampy it is out there. We don't have enough grass to hold the water so it is just soup! Seriously nasty muddy wet!

And after many, many, many tries and hanging out the window, I got this water drop coming off the dying buds (they will come back...not really dead) of my tree. I am proud of this shot! Still learning....

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