Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Counting Crows & New TVs & New Music List

So the Counting Crows are my fave band. We upgraded our TV's to HD LCD 120 hz Vizios. HOLY COW! They are so awesome! But I have this new HD channel called PLDHD. I have no idea what it stands for, but I am watching my Crows in concert in HD. I am in hog heaven right now. The picture and sound are just incredible. If any of you are thinking of upgrading your TVs.....go Vizio!

I know The Original Boof (TOB) doesn't necessarily get my love for Adam Duritz, but I love his lyrics and his voice. I totally get that he needs to rid himself of the fake dreads but he gets a pass in my book. His voice, words, eyes (HELLO...see pic above).....totally crushing on him and have for years. His songs have gotten me through some stressful times. I will list my faves below and the albums they are on:

Album: Recovering the Satellites:

This album is probably my fave as far as the melancholy songs that I love so much and the ones that got me through:
Daylight Fading
I'm Not Sleeping
Goodnight Elizabeth (love this song!)
Have You Seen Me Lately?
Miller's Angels
Another Horsedreamer's Blues
A Long December

Album: August and Everything After:
Round Here
Perfect Blue Buildings
Anna Begins
Time and Time Again (this is The Original Boof's fave song)
Rain King
Raining in Baltimore

Album: Hard Candy:

If I Could Give All My Love (Richard Manuel is Dead)
Butterfly in Reverse
Black and Blue (another fave of The Original Boof)
Holiday in Spain

Album: This Desert Life:

Speedway (one of my all time faves)
Mrs. Potters Lullaby
Amy Hit the Atmosphere
St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream

We have a new station here and it is I love this station (you can listen online). I am such an alternative music girl and I am so proud of The Original Boof (TOB). I have actually gotten her to appreciate some new/old alt music. She is my 70's, funk, rap girl but she is turning around a little. I love the music she loves too, but not as much as I love mine so it has been a challenge to find the right songs in the alternative genre that she can appreciate. She is doing great! Love sharing music I love with others and getting their views or winning them over to the alternative side. Below are some of my new faves because of 100.5. They have classics, but they have all these new artists that are very talented but because of the state of the record industry they have to work extra hard to get their name out there on indie labels. Good stuff (I am bouncing back and forth to the 100.5 website so I don't miss a band/singer. I will list the artist and the songs after.

Ryan Adams:

Fix It


Chasing Pavements (a deffo fave of TOB and me)
Right as Rain

The Airborne Toxic Event:

Sometime Around Midnight (HELLO the TOB and I both sooooo love this song - listen to the lyrics)

The Avett Brothers:
Shame (love this song....stripped down and the lyrics are great)
Murder in the City (the last lines of this song are so sweet: "Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name" - this song grows on you)

Band of Horses:
Is There a Ghost

Sara Bareilles:
Love Song
Many the Miles

Death Cab for Cutie:
I Will Possess Your Heart
Your New Twin Size Bed

Ben Folds:

Hiroshima (super funny song)
You Don't Know Me (have to have the TOB listen to this one)

Donavan Frankenreiter:
Life, Love and Laughter

The Fray:

You Found Me

G. Love and Special Sauce:

Peace, Love and Happiness

Missy Higgins:

Where I Stood

Hightide Blues:

(I think I heard they were from Auburn - WAR EAGLE - LOVE this song!)
Dreamin' Alone

Jack's Mannequin:

The Resolution

Courtney Jaye:
I Need Love

Kings of Leon:

Molly's Chambers
The Bucket
Sex on Fire
Use Somebody

Amos Lee:
What's Been Going On


The Show


Boys With Girlfriends
Under My Bed

Amie Miriello:

I Came Around

Jason Mraz:

I'm Yours

My Morning Jacket:

I'm Amazed

Erin McCarley:

Blue Suitcase


One Day

Passenger (MY NEW FAVE BAND!):

Night Vision Binoculars
Wicked Man's Rest

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

Snow Patrol:
Crack the Shutters

Vampire Weekend (don't let the name scare you....great band and so super fun):
Oxford Comma
A Punk
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Mansard Roof

Virginia Coalition:
Sing Along

Butch Walker:

The Weight of Her

AND while I have been posting this, I found out the name of the HD channel I watched the Counting Crows is Palladia. In the time I have been posting, they have shown The Who and Matchbox Twenty and right now....AC/DC in concert. Great channel! Now that AC/DC is on....might have to have a blog post on heavy rock songs that make you capable of kicking ass or lifting a car. There are songs out there that just fire me up.....they are rare and totally opposite to my normal melancholy nature, but then.....there is just something about the beat and lyrics.

You can look up all the above artists on Google or their My Space pages. I promise I wouldn't recommend if they weren't good! Support the indie artists!

I am done and going to bed with my temporary crown and bite guard and very sleepy puppies! And I can't get everything out of Bold type....have to work on that later...

Nite! :O)


  1. go take a bong hit with michael phelps

    you need a strong dose of panic and the drive by truckers

  2. i love jacks mannequin and deathcab for cutie
    they were both at warped tour
    i like most of those artists.. very nice cery nice