Monday, May 23, 2011

I don't like magic but.....

I am not a fan of magic and card tricks and such but this one sucked me in because it is based on Sting's "Shape of My Heart" song and I do LOVE Sting so I threw it out here....I hate to admit is kind of cool...

Firemen pun intended here.....

I love firemen....they are brave and they keep us safe and they risk their lives for us and THEN they are so sweet and kind and rescue animals too! This is a heartwarmer!

Bad Iceland Volcano

Really glad we don't have a volcano here....they are kind of cool and pretty when they erupt as long as they are far away from humans unlike what these people in Iceland are dealing with and now the ash cloud coming over to Europe. Pretty much if you put any natural disaster to music and in slow looks cool and can drop your jaw from the incredible power of nature and then the reality sets in very fast of how awful it is and the people and animals affected.....sometimes nature sucks.....

Volcanic Eruption in Grimsvotn, Iceland May 21 2011 from Jon Gustafsson on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have no words on this one....animal spirit and human go little buddy! You will be okay and loved much and spoiled......

Monday, May 16, 2011

So Lucky!

Found this video today of the Tuscaloosa tornado.....I can't understand what they are saying but they are sooooo lucky!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies, Radiohead, Zero 7, Counting Crows, etc

Totally forgot about Mazzy Star for a while and then I heard "Into Dust" tonight. That led me to a melancholy You Tube obsession of hearing some pooky music. "Into Dust" is one of my favorites and is so going on one if my Ipods. I like the video version I found that had the lyrics. Somebody put it together and it is cool. The rest of the videos are just the ones I like enough to post and that I was led to hear again. I need a separate Ipod just for this type music....

Then that led me to "Fade Into You".....another fave:

Which led to "Flowers in December":

Which led to the Cowboy Junkies "Sweet Jane":

Which led to Radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees":

Which led to Radiohead "High and Dry":

Which led to some Counting Crows "Raining in Baltimore":

Which led to Air "Playground Love":

Which led to Zero 7 "Home":

Which led to Zero 7 "In the Waiting Line":

Which led to Adele "Chasing Pavements":

Which led to Adele "Someone Like You":

Which led to Sting....YES....I said Sting...."Fragile":

And more Sting, "A Thousand Years" (this version done live on THE night of 9-11):

This could go on way too long......there are way too many songs like this that I just love and each one has meaning and reminds of certain times in life.....good stuff....

Friday, May 6, 2011


So many stories of loss and hope and generosity and love here in the south after the tornadoes. Don't know where to start or what I want to say yet. Just pray for all the communities here in the south that lost so much and for all the volunteers that are working around the clock to get them back on their feet. There are so many people her locally and soooo many from across the country that are giving so much....thank you....


Really have nothing to say here.....just a random picture of the kids when the power was out during the storms....they were chill and snuggly!


So continuing with the previous post and flowers....our peony went nuts this year! Could not believe how many flowers we got this year. We gave flowers out to neighbors and still have vases full of flowers! They smell like Heaven and are so beautiful!
Here they are before we picked them:

You can see just the first flowers and then ALL the buds in the background. Here is one of the peony and a bud up close. So many delicate petals and they smell unbelievable!

Here is the vase we had on the coffee table....can't believe how many we had....

We have a magnet vase on the 'fridge so they went there too:

AND more on the mantel......

AND more in the kitchen window....

Every year we get more and we are so grateful for them. God blessed us with a beautiful and colorful and smell good world! YEAH!

Wrought Iron Flowers

Every year we try and replenish the deck with fresh flowers. We try and buy flowers to attract our yearly hummingbirds. We have done bougainvillea...which is much loved but our favorite nursery closed its doors and can't find any that were as beautiful as the ones we found there. We have done the geraniums. They have held up but some summers here in the south it is way too hot. No matter how much you water, they just burn up on the deck which gets super hot direct sun.

Down the road from our house is a wrought iron store that has some really cool stuff. This year we started noticing their flowers. DING DING! A light went off. So tired of spending tons of money on flowers that were just dying sooooooooooo we did this:

We found the pot at Costco for $50 and then we were trying to figure out what to fill it up with to hold these flowers. We discussed sand and soil. Decided it was too heavy. As we were going around Costco we found recycled tire mulch....perfect! It was not too heavy but heavy enough to hold these flowers in their place.

We did get some geraniums to go around and fingers crossed they will survive once it gets really hot but if not.....these flowers aren't going anywhere!