Saturday, February 7, 2009


I need to do some more digging on this show. It is on my HD Palladia channel. They mash up artists that normally would not mix. I watched Taylor Swift and Def Leppard last week. Right now I am watching Babyface and Trisha Yearwood. They interview each other and sing together. Babyface is a huge James Taylor fan...he is now singing "Fire and Rain" and playing guitar. Trisha just joined in. Love this song! Babyface also loves Dan Fogelberg.

They are now singing "How Do I Live Without You?" Trisha has a great voice....

AND did you know that Babyface wrote Madonna's song "Take a Bow"? Who knew?

AND apparently this is not some new is usually on CMT. Not one of the channels I usually watch so at least I get to watch old and newer versions and it is all new to me. They are apparently doing a marathon. This morning I am watching Allison Krauss and Robert Plant. Next is .38 Special and Trace Adkins.

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  1. actually Babyface is all over Madge's Bedtime Stories album! If I'm not mistaken, I believe he helped produce and I do know for a fact, that he did some instrumentals and vocals on it as well! (I just looked on the inside album cover!) :o)