Friday, February 6, 2009

The Shower

So this morning I am doing the shower thing. Have my hair all bubbled up with my Pantene 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner (which I totally recommend - awesome - one step). I lean my head back to rinse the shampoo out and I catch something out of the corner of my eye. Yep....I didn't completely freak because he was not over me, but still......ewwwww. Finished shower and got camera! Stood on the toilet lid to get this shot.

My mind was racing as how to get my little friend off the cottage cheese ceiling and kill it. I was worried The Girls would find it if it got on the floor. Of course I don't know my spiders, but I will assume anything this big is poisonous. So....not having any Raid at spray was my option. Little fella got sprayed good with Big Sexy Hair. He unleashed a web string from his hiney and then just hung there dying. I felt kinda bad killing one of God's creatures and then I got over it. Now I had to figure out how to get him down. He (I assume it was a "he")was just hanging there higher than the top of the door just kinda swinging. Being creeped out by bug/spider smashing, I swung (is that a word?) a wash cloth at him. Thought that he was in the wash cloth, but no....I actually shot him into the bathtub. YEAH me! I love Charmin Big Rolls because I almost used a whole roll to pick him up and....sorry animal/insect lovers...FLUSH!

Death by Big Sexy Hair and a flush! Come would have done the same, right?

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