Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Seriously...I am all about women having IVF if that is their only way to have children....I do have a problem when you have 8 babies in addition to your other 6 and you have no job, income, house and any way to take care of the babies. I read today that child services may not release the babies to Octomom. GOOD! Adopt those babies out so they have a chance for a wonderful life. They are sure to have some health issues being so preemie and there is no way this woman can take care of them. She is a nut job AND that doctor should be arrested and put in jail!

I look at the Duggars in Arkansas and they have 18 kids, but you know what? They are debt free. They had their kids one at a time and can afford them and take care of them and they have raised wonderful kids. This chick has a screw loose.

I think the thing I am so mad about is how are these babies going to live. What is their life going to be like? Will they always be the freaky Octomom's kids or will they be able to be adopted and live a normal life? Will they be able to see their siblings? Will their needs be taken care of? I don't want them to be farmed out separately, but is someone willing to take all or at least let them all keep in touch as they get older? It is probably the saddest story....I worry so much for all 14 of her kids and her I wrong?

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