Friday, December 31, 2010

Love the Dialogue

Turn your volume up for this one! It is a hoot!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some fun pics

Their yacht was split by the whale but the people and whale lived...crazy!

They made a heart!

Bless his little crossed eyes!

This is one of my on the spot and perfect timing!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do Not Want Cold Feetz

Daisy, the delicate flower, does not like getting wet. Don't think she is smart enough to figure this out though....not like we have snow anyway....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ladybugs play? Well...why not?

Playing with cupcake sprinkles! I heart sprinkles!

Awesome Marching Band

Hawaii marching band taking formation to a whole new level!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Just have to give a shout to the BEST team in the nation!!! WOOT!!

McGuires Irish Pub

While we were at the beach, we went to McGuires Irish Pub. I saw a special on Food Network about this place and have not had a chance to go until this year. Everyone that comes in gets out a dollar and sign it and it goes up on the walls or the ceiling. It is crazy how much money is around and over you! The food is great BUT huge portions! I wish I had gotten a shot of the nachos we ordered. They were HUGE! Our waiter was awesome and fun! And what is aunt's family name is McGuire...they think they own the place! HA!
This was right above us:

This was by the bathrooms....funny story there...I will share....

This was our waiter...he was AWESOME and fun:

Money over the bar....

Mom got totally tricked with the bathroom signs! Hysterical....she walked in and thank goodness the man was washing his hands....he got a big laugh out of it because he knew about the bathroom joke...take a close look at the sign. The Irish are trickers...super funny!

And here is the sign for the women's room:

And here is my cousin putting up our dollars:

And this is the cool car in the gift shop! We got a couple of t-shirts there!

The Beach

Went to the beach for 4 days for Thanksgiving. It was fun with my aunt and cousins and Grandma! We have been doing this for many years but for the first time ever there was FOG! It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. We were in the condo and I was looking at the horizon and it looked spooky. There were families on the beach playing in the water and getting some sun. Then all the sudden this fog rolled in. These pics are at 2 in the afternoon....I tried to take some pictures later as it got thicker but the camera couldn't pick up anything....there was a time that we couldn't even see the ocean or beach....

Christmas Decorating

This year we wanted to try and keep it a little more simple. With the puppies being young, they still run and chase and go crazy. We were going to try and put up the tree this year but it could turn into a handle for the kids and didn't want them running into it or it getting in their eyes as they are running and turning it over so.....we came up with this to put in the window. Allows plenty of space but we still have lights and it is cute! Thanks Costco!

I am going to rethink the stool he is standing on....need to wrap it with something but he is cute! Merry Christmas!


So she made it through surgery. It has been a long week. Got her staples out yesterday....all 18 of them. She has her spark back but she has a little more healing to do in the bladder area. God forbid her getting excited....there's a tee-tee on the floor. Gone through many towels and carpet cleaner. She does great overnight but if she gets a little wonky, she will tee-tee. Please pray for patience....I am so glad she is here and alive.....just want her bladder back to full control....she is getting there and it is not a problem to clean up after her!