Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Babies

My Kids! They aren't actually mine. They are my aunt Melissa's and Unky Rog's kids. I know that at least my Zack Attack will read this and he will get my Magpie to read it also.

If I were to ever have kids, then these 2 are the ones I would want. I am struggling to explain how wonderful these guys are. They are big hearted, they are smart, they are beautiful, they are sarcastic, they are mad texters, super funny and they are so wonderful.

Babies - I want you both to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you both. I know you have grown up so much and you have your jobs and school and crazy lives, but just know that I am always here for you and if you need anything, you got it!

Love you Babies!


  1. I'm in a blog :)
    YAY!! :)
    I love you LAURA! You know your my second mommy :)