Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My poor Daisy May got a little bug.....I think. We usually put the unsalted green beans on their food. The vet recommended the unsalted GB's or raw carrots as an added boost to their "lite" food. They love them!

I made the mistake of getting 1 can of unsalted peas. I was curious if they would like a little something different. Well the Princess ate last night no problem. We all snuggled up last night for bed and slept fine all night. Then Lu got up and Daisy didn't want to move...she was snuggled and happy. Then out of nowhere she started urping. She was so cuddled up next to me and I was so horizontal and I just grabbed the binkie so she could urp if she needed to. It was all so fast!

Luckily she did not urp. She just made a "loogie hawking" sound". (I am not sure how to spell all that, but it seemed phonetically correct!).

So put the Kids in the car because today is Doggy Day Care day. All fine, no probs. Get home and put the food out....LulaBelle scarfed and Daisy would have none of it. We even put shredded cheese on the food and called the vet and they recommended garlic powder or broth. Having no broth...tried the garlic. That was a bust with even me trying to hand feed her.

So put the food up. Lu wanted to play but Daisy wanted to go out. I was heading for the door but before I had to traverse the living room to the front door, I heard the URP! Daisy May May puked everywhere. Thank goodness she was on the wood and not on the carpet. Not to be gross, but there was a whole green bean in there from this morning. Bless her heart! She then had the dry heaves and then went in the hall and pooped. I grabbed her and threw her in the car (not literally) to take her to the emergency pet hospital.

She was fine at that point. She got the urp out and so I totally circled and came back home. The pic is of her sitting next to me totally sleeping and okay. Needless to say, we put no more food down tonight. I hope she will be really hungry in the morning! My poor baby!

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