Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update on Sophie!

She found a home! Nice family with 3 kids and a big back yard. Match made in Heaven!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marley Type Rescue But Named Sophie! HELP!

My neighbor, Cindy (who has the biggest heart and has the best sarcasm and wit and loves butterfish - inside joke), has a golden retriever named Riley. She took
Riley to the vet last week and discovered they had a cream colored
retriever. It turns out the owners brought the dog in and said.....we
don't want her...just put her to sleep. OMG! Are you kidding me?
BASTARDS they are!

Anyway....she said let me take her home and foster her with Riley. The
vet thinks she is right at 7 months old. Cindy said it took her a couple
of days to get Sophie (they think that is her name) to realize that she
could walk on the carpet and not have to stay in the kitchen on the

I went down there with the kids and she was so sweet with them. I did
notice that when we walked up to the door, Sophie was standing there and
Daisy barked at her and Sophie flinched. Once the kids came in...no
problem. She was so sweet to me and would just walk up and lean on me and
want to be petted and loved on.

Cindy said she is also house trained. Has had no accidents in the house
since she has been there. It just breaks my heart that these people owned
her and I don't know what they did, but she is good with people and other
dogs. She does not jump and go nuts. She just wants to be loved.

Cindy said that Riley (who is 2 by the way) is teaching her how to play
and enjoy being a puppy! I have attached a few pics.

She needs a home. Cindy would love to keep her, but she does not have the
space to take care of 2 retrievers. She is taking
darn good care of Sophie and will continue until we can find that baby a home! Vet said she is healthy with no issues! I would take her if I didn't have the girls! Can you pass on to any of your friends?

Cindy's number is: 205-410-5427 or you can call me at 205-447-8859.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th Peeps!

I am so looking forward to these 3 days off. I have been invited to a couple of places and I decided that I just want 3 days at home. I don't want to entertain or be entertained. I have some projects at the house I want to get done. I need to fix the bi-fold door to the washer/dryer and I need to put a new waterproof strip on the garage door and I need to wash clothes/sheets/towels and do some house cleaning. I figure I can knock most out in a day and then spend the other two reading my Kindle and napping with puppies or taking the kids for a walk. ALSO, I can see fireworks at the Met from my bedroom window! PERFECT!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sara's Shower!!

My cousin Sara is having a little girl and her shower was this past weekend. I took the camera and got a lot of great pics. I thought that maybe starting a blog just for the shower would be a good way for all her friends to pick and choose pictures so the new blog is:


I am not sure how they are spelling "Hannah"....could be "Hanna" without the "h", but not sure so the "h" is thrown in there just in case. I can go back and change later!

Hope you enjoy the pics! Congrats S&B! :O)