Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mom's Cross Stitch

My mom has done the most beautiful cross stitch. I have a couple of tattoos and I want to have one of her cross stitches done on my shoulder. It would take a ton of money and someone with a lot of talent to capture her work! She has mad skills.

This is the one I want as a tattoo, sorry the pic is crooked:

Here are the rest. I have to learn how to take pics without the flash and glare...that is why they are all to the side. But please note....there are a ginormous amount of stitches in each and every one:

Van Gogh's Water Lilies:

This is Mom's fave that she did:


This is the one that made me cry. She totally surprised me on my birthday. She worked so hard on this one in secret. I love my birds and my fave is "The Mad Bluebird" picture. Below is the pic and below that is Mom's cross stitch:

Here is a closer look at her work. So awesome!

Thanks Mom!!!

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