Monday, February 23, 2009

Spit gap and the Larva

Just for and the spit gap! My spit gap is back. I don't know why....maybe because I am 40 and everything moves in an up and down and sideways pattern. The front teeth are moving back apart. I wonder if I could find my old retainer in a box in the basement? No way that would work. At least the gap is good for easy flossing!

In this pic, Mom did do a good job on my hair. Super tight and high! Love it!

My grandma, Honey (Dad's mom), made this pic for my Dad. He was in Vietnam and did not meet me until I was at least 6 months old. How strong is Mom to have gone through all that by herself? Mom's water broke and Granddaddy with Grandma (Mom's parents) and my aunts/uncles all piled in the car to go the hospital. Granddaddy was nonchalant about it and stopped by the post office to mail a couple of bills while Mom was in labor. That was so Granddaddy!

Anyway...this pic was sent to Dad in Vietnam. I affectionately call it "Laura the Larva!"

This is the message on the back of the pic. It was sent to Dad at Christmas in Vietnam....he DID save it and it came back. And now that I think about it, I was born in June and this was sent to him in December.....maybe I was almost 1 before Dad met me.

You can double click the pic to make it bigger so it can be read.....

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