Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parents? Is this ever an option?

I think it is funny but I am not a parent.....verdicts?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Can I Just Ever.....

Hold a sloth once in my life?  They are so stinkin' cute....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks Lu!!!! Not Worth the Tape!!

Sooooo, I would like to thank my dog, Lu, for being such a helper!  If she sees something on the floor....she will help you clean it up.  If your toilet paper is hanging too loose from the roll....she will help make streamers...

And that is Daisy's hiney in the picture....bless it....she is just an innocent bystander!

But let's say you clean out your pockets and accidentally drop a buck......Lu is there to help too!  She will make a puzzle with many missing pieces!

I have been trying to decide what size bill warrants rubber gloves (and you know what I mean!) and soap and tape to put all the pieces back together.....I know that I am good with letting this one go but a ten or a twenty???  Hmmmmmmm?  Can you wash and tape and take to the bank for a replacement???  

Update on the Boots!

I will say that I made it through an ENTIRE day of work at the office including walking down 2 flights of stairs to get out of my house and then not being work...took the elevator up one flight....BUT then walked down another 2 flights to get out of the office.  So let's be honest....was I as graceful as a swan floating up and down stairs or did I look more like this?  YUP!

Was I close to looking like this?  Yup!!

But proudly I made it through!  By the end of the day my feet had gone numb because they had adjusted to the completely unnatural position they had been forced into and all was good until I got home and took them off.  Imagine wearing a super tight corset all day and then taking it off.....that is how my feet felt.....there was a huge expansion of relief followed by pain....

Then after I crawled around a bit and eventually made it to an upright stance I decided that I will wear them again and maybe get their twin.....the brown version!!  YEAH fashion!!!

And a footnote....oh yeah...she said "FOOTNOTE"!  HA!  The Dr. Scholl's inserts were a no-go initially because the boots were a little tight.  I will try them the next time because they stretched out after I wore them.   AND I would like some huge props for pulling this off without them.  There is something to be said for complete ability to be so stubborn!  DAMN the PAIN!  :O)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Will NOT Be Defeated FEET!!!

So about a month or so ago I went to see some friends in Atlanta.  We love to go to festivals (arts and crafts type) and then with time permitting, do some shopping.  I have been looking for some new boots.  So in our shopping time we went to DSW.  I love going to DSW because I get the biggest kick of going to the sale racks in the back and trying on the HIGHEST heel shoes I can find....just to see if I can do it!  I will put them on and just stand there and hold on to the rack.  If I am feeling super punky, I will see if I can walk a couple of steps.  I would say nine times out of ten....don't get very far.  I am amazed at all these stars that can just walk around in these super high heels.....they look great but my feet are a no go on the super high ones.

Anyway....looking for boots....I found exactly what I was looking for....I fell in LOVE with these Nine West boots.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  Of course I found them in the front of the store with one of my friends then I decided to try them on and walk alllllll the way to the back of the store where my other friend was searching the sale racks to show her.  If you have ever been in a know it is a large store.  I made it back there fine but was almost crawling back.  I decided that I can't do the 3.5 I took them off, put my tennies back on and walked comfortably away.  

NOW here I am a month later and I CANNOT get those boots out of my head.  I loved them so much.  Then I found out that for the first time in like 8 years we are having a company Christmas party at my boss' house.  I have to have some grown up shoes!  I cannot show up in Birkenstocks or tennies.  Long story short....I ordered the black pair of the boots with the 3.5 heel!  EEEEEK!  They got here and I still love them but the reason I decided I could maybe pull them off is because Dr. Scholl's has inserts specifically made for high heels......they pad the ball of your foot so you are more comfortable.  I have put all my money on these inserts making me able to wear these puppies.  I think I will try and wear them to work as a test and see how it goes.  I WILL have the black Birkenstocks in tow...just in case!

If nothing else, I figure I can make it through the party because boss has lots of seating.  All I have to do is make it up the driveway......stand a few times and then go sit!  I will NOT be DEFEATED!!  And if I can pull these off....there is a brown pair too....for the love.  See below:

Here are the inserts.....if you have to wear great reviews!  Will let you know if they work!  AND yes I realize I forgot about the coupon on the front and the check out lady didn't see it either...ugh!

Monday, December 3, 2012

White Trash Christmas

I would like to thank Rick and Bubba (our local but also nationally syndicated radio show) for introducing us to Zack Tison's song, "White Trash Christmas"!  I am not being sarcastic....I LOVE this song and I forget about it until every year R&B start the Christmas season with it....soon as I hear those first notes of the song I start giggling and sing along!  I am from the south and this song just owns me.  NOW there is the video of a family that synced their Christmas lights to the song.  It from 2007, but just found it.....LOVE IT!!

Airplanes....short but interesting

All landings at San Diego International Airport on November 23, 2012 between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., composited and time-lapsed into a 25 second clip by Cy Kuckenbaker.

Teddy Bear Toss

This is the 18th annual Petro-Canada Teddy Bear Toss!!  I LOVE this!!  This year they collected over 21,00 teddy bears for children in need.  The Calgary Hitmen are the hockey team that support this cause.  They take the bears to the Alberta Children's Hospital.  I wonder if you could take one of those GIANT bears from Costco and toss them!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where to start?

Oil spill on aisle 8?  How in the heck do you even begin to clean this up?  How many mops and bottles of Dawn do you need to make this right?

Somebody's Getting Fired...

Ukraine, Black Sea, Cousin and Ice

My cousin and her husband and 2 kids are in the Ukraine on a multi-year mission trip.  They live in L'Viv.  I had to look it up and I know that they are not next to the Black Sea but I still found this interesting and I don't want to live next to the Black Sea!!!  This is the sound the ice makes.....creepy!