Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wish I Was There

To be there in England with family and the pups just walking the countryside.......big table outside with candles and a sunset and cool air and a glass of wine.....that is heaven!

Monday, September 17, 2012

LulaBelle Sandwich

Lu is such a nerd!  She freaks out....runs into the room and runs between the pillows of her floor bed and sandwiches herself....NERD!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So I finally got to looking around Pinterest tonight!  Dangit.....I am hooked....especially on all the recipes.  For the love...I am never going to be able to quit!  BUT in my looking around I found a blog called:

HYSTERICAL!!!  I will warn you that there is some language there but she tries all recipes and beauty tips and crafts and will let you know if they work or not. I am probably never sleeping tonight because I keep reading this blog......

Sunday, September 9, 2012

They Are BACK!!!!

We are lucky enough to have a deck with 6 foot walls that make a safe haven for the hummingbirds.  We have put up the feeders for years and always had the scout and a couple others.  BUT last year....we got on a flight path and had as many as 25-30 at a time with two feeders.  They had to both be filled up every day.  This is happening again.  We now have 3 feeders and 2 of them have to be filled up every day.....not is crazy!  I tried to get some pics and the most I got was 7 hummers at one time at one feeder.  They move soooooo fast and fight each other and make so much is AWESOME!

Here are 3:

Here are 6:

Here are have to look behind the ant cup to find # 7 hiding out......

Here is my pretty girl that loves to just hang out...she loves to sit and watch and then ATTACK!

Two coming in for a landing.....they don't see each other....

Coming in for a landing...

Hanging out on each side...

I am going to try and get more pictures of is amazing!