Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing to say...just more pics

Big cloud - I pulled over in a turn lane on 280 to get this shot. The cloud was just so massive.

My tree buds before:

My tree buds now (we have no winter here):

Found a patch of clover but no 4-leaf ones:

So let me tell you how hard it is to lay on the ground and take a pic with one hand while the other hand is holding 2 leashes of obnoxious schnauzers who don't give a rip about dandelions.....nerd dogs:

I got this one close up anyway....HA!

Is it or me or does this fire hydrant look like a globe?

Daisy May May feeling much better!

Their ears kill me and they are so darn cute! Sorry for my shoe behind Daisy's ear...

Snuggle buddies:


I am still experimenting with the camera and I would love to take a class, but that costs money so I will just keep playing around and fancy myself a is some grass....HA....ain't I good?

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