Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marbled Cornbread and Chili

Part of the great grit quest included buying yellow and blue corn meal and an iron skillet. The whole grit quest story is coming.....

Anyway, had a recipe for Marbled Cornbread. Mix of the yellow and blue corn meal done in an iron skillet. Never made cornbread from scratch unless it included the name Jiffy! Turned out pretty good and paired with a crockpot of awesome chili! Hello!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kelli Pickler......

This chick is so sweet and southern and joyous and can make fun of herself and cracks me up.......stay through to the is good.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Grateful They Weren't from the South!

We guess ski-masks are going out of style?

Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller of Iowa were arrested last weekend for attempted burglary in "disguise" using Sharpie markers to mask their identities…


I like the one on the left.....Love how he went for that Batman mask look!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Owned Me

I don't know why but The Original Boof sent this to me today at work at is tickled me to the point of tears. I am such a sucker for animal pics....ya think?


A picture says alot and this is sad and cool all at the same time.

United in what appears to be deep and profound grief, a phalanx of more than a dozen chimpanzees stood in silence watching from behind the wire of their enclosure as the body of one of their own was wheeled past.

This extraordinary scene took place recently at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, West Africa.

When a chimp called Dorothy, who was in her late 40s, died of heart failure, her fellow apes seemed to be stricken by sorrow.

As they wrapped their arms around each other in a gesture of solidarity, Dorothy's female keeper gently settled her into the wheelbarrow which carried her to her final resting place - not before giving this much-loved inhabitant of the centre a final affectionate stroke on the forehead.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Creepy Klein House...

So on our grit quest.....we passed this house. It is empty and kinda sad. I had Mom pull over so I could get some pics. Had to tromp through some tall grass to get to it. Thank goodness the pics came out ok. The Original Boof makes me watch all the ghost hunters stories and pictures are taken and then when developed there are faces and orbs and such. I think I was safe on this one.....According to the brick posts, the house was built in the 1800's by the Klein family.

When I see old abandoned houses it makes me think of when the house was in its prime and the family that lived there was so happy to live there. All new and shiny....then what happens to them and why are they gone....what happened that no one is still there and who owns it now....too many questions....

I did peek in the window on the front porch and try the door. Door was locked. The inside was empty but had a great staircase inside. I was going to try and take a pic of the inside through the window, but I was too freaked out. I was waiting for something to jump out or pass through the foyer.....too creepy! So I went around the back.

Grumpy Little Old Man

I don't know why, but when LulaBelle wakes up in the morning.....she looks like a grumpy little old man.....eyebrows and beard are completely wonky...proof below:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The search for the perfect grit coming! Pics and all!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update ot Paranormal Activity Review

So it has been about 30 minutes since my last post. I may have to retract the "It sucked" comment because I can't stop thinking about it. Not in a "I am scared" way, but in a "it sure was a fun movie as far as audience participation" and there were plenty of jumps and frights along the way. There were several moments of "no no no no no no". Now no one left the theater except for the IDIOT parents that brought their 8 year old. IDIOTS!

I have just been reading several reviews and they all agree that seeing it with an audience makes it fun and I can agree with that. Some said the people ran out of the theater freaked out and all that.....if you run out of the theater because it scares you that bad, then there is something wrong with you and you probably sleep with the lights on is not that bad.

So take a group of friends and go see will be fun in that way!

Paranormal Activity

First....I have to give props to the marketing campaign for this movie. Great job! Brilliant! Sucked me and my friends right in.....had to go see it.

Bought tickets and five of us went today. Theater was packed. Audience was all in it together. There were parts that made you laugh out loud, parts that made you jump and parts that were just creepy. They did a good job of making you anxious. It was not gory and it, as it has been said, reminded me of Blair Witch. Now Blair Witch freaked me out. It still creeps me out to this day.

This one.....not so much. It got to the end and even given the positives mentioned above, the overall feeling of the audience when it was over was "That sucked!" One of my friends even yelled out "That sucked!" and everyone started applauding in agreement.

There was one part that made everyone jump and WB (my 6'4" best guy friend)screamed out like a little girl. At the end of the movie, the couple on the other side of us said, while the money for the movie was not worth it, it was worth it to hear him scream like a little girl! We got a good laugh out of that one!

So take it for what you will.....I was glad to hang with my friends, but I could have skipped that movie.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bloom County

Just ordered my 30th Anniversary - Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume 1 (1980-1982). Very excited! I hate that Berke Breathed stopped writing it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guiness World Records Horse

WOW! This horse is incredible! In this pic you have the world's largest and world's smallest horses!

A Christmas Story

This is one of my fave holiday movies! The kid, Peter Billingsley, was a cutie-patootie! Well now he is all grown up and directing movies. From what I understand, he is good friends with Vince Vaughn and just directed the new movie, "Couples Retreat". He is 38 or 39 now.....go figure....but those eyes! He grew up to be a handsome devil! I was shocked! Hello Ralphie! See below: