Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shooter and the Vizio

I am so ready for sleepy time right now, but I had to throw this last post out. I flipped around the channels and ended up on Mark Wahlberg's movie, "Shooter". It is midway through so I just clicked on it to kill time until sleep takes over.

At the point I clicked on the movie the police were confronting Mark with a German Shepherd. In the movie, the dog started barking and going nuts....and here is the point that I thank Vizio 120hz TV's.....the Kids went bezerk when the dog started barking on TV. Daisy May May was running behind the TV thinking the dog was hiding back there. The sound and pic on the Vizio is awesome! The dogs were fooled and that is funny!

Seriously...I am out now...nite nite!

P.S. Being a good the bite guard in! Must protect teeth!

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