Monday, February 9, 2009

This Morning's Sky and Tonight's Sky

I could not get out of the house soon enough this morning with the pups. The sky was so beautiful. Can I just say how hard it is to hold a camera and take a picture while holding 2 leashes in one hand as they are pulling you and barking and trying to get to the 2 neighbors walking? This first one is so obvious how the kids are punks and won't let me get a good pic. You can see the walkers. Nerd dogs!

Then our neighbor Sandy came out and was all over the pups. That allowed me a moment to get this shot:

And this one:

And this one was tonight from the bedroom window. There is a little of a sheen in the left corner and I don't know why. Still learning...

And this makes no sense...I have my window on the top completely open with no screen and the SHEEN is still there...I don't know what it is bouncing off of...and I used the auto so there was a flash. I have so got to work this camera out. I tried to do landscape with no flash, but it was having none of it. It kept registering too dark. Irregardless, I don't think it is awful, but still frustrating...

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