Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sock Monster!

So the LulaBelle is all about the socks. I can't actually give her one to play with because she will actually ingest them and that makes the poop factor so much more fun.....NOT!

Those who know, know that The Big Green Chair is my happy place. I love it and as I have said, the chair and ottoman will get their own post later. BUT, if I am sitting in the chair and have one schnauzer sleeping next to me (Daisy May) and my feets get hot then the socks come off and I stuff them behind the back cushion so as not to disturb the "Delicate Flower" (again, Daisy May). AND as usual, I will forget they are there and go to bed and the pups come with, BUT the next morning or later that night....LulaBelle totally knows the hiding place and nirvana of socks. And thus....THE SOCK MONSTER appears and my socks go missing. It is ever elusive, but every once in a can catch THE SOCK MONSTER in action:

Meanwhile....Daisy May is all, "What the heck?...I am a good girl and a Delicate Flower and dangit Lu...why do you have to be so bad? See me...I am all up on the ottoman being good and super cute and sock free! You give us a bad name!"

AND why is my LulaBelle such a brown noser?

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