Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So my Will-Bill is the reason I met the original Boof. He is my oldest and dearest friend. We met at Slime Village (originally known as Rime Village and now known as The Village at Riverchase or something like that). For those that were there - family - it is where we had Mom's surprise 50th b'day party.

WB and I were neighbors. I had a party one night and I remember being on the balcony and he was hobbling to his apt on crutches. I invited him to join us. He didn't that night. But it was a few weeks later that the weather was super bad and I don't remember how we were in touch with each other but I invited him up to watch the weather and if we needed to leave then we could run to Mom's house. He came up with his laundry that I helped him fold (one time out of a million). That day the weather did get bad and we ended up at Mom's. It was WB, Mom, me, Tali and another friend, Andi (girl) huddling up in Mom's half bath downstairs at her townhome. We survived, but the tornado went over us and hit Pelham. I had friends that lived there and their parents. WB and I didn't know each other that well but he went with me to check on my friend's parents. We had to park and walk a couple of miles to get to the Staffords. I was so grateful that they were okay and Dad Stafford drove us back down to the big road to hike it back to our car. WB and I became fast friends after that and we still have great love for each other as well as respect and brutal honesty! I love him to infinity and I am so lucky to have him. On this particular blog...there are stories to be told and adventures to share, but based on audience....they will all be held tight as treasures of my youth and the great fun I have had with my bud! Much older now and there will be NO more road trips WB! HA!

He will always be my BEST DUMB BOY as I am his BEST DUMB GIRL! Love You WB!

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