Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gotcha Mandi!!! Ha Ha!

So my cousin David and his sweet wonderful wife, Mandi, were with us for Christmas. The twins are all about Daddy - not that they don't love their Mama, but he carried them up. I was out there shooting (that is a professional term - HA!) pics of them coming up the driveway. Mandi was trying so hard to hide BUT Mandi - gotcha! You are too pretty not to have a pic taken and I was so happy that I got you! Mandi and I are the only ones in the family with green eyes and hers are so beautiful so I feel lucky to share green eyes with her! Now the twins......David is carrying them and you have sweet Cooper on the left and sweet Claire on the right. They are nothing but the most awesome and I am so grateful that Mandi was so strong to get them out in this world! Much props to her and what she went through. No details necessary but so much respect and love for her, the kids and David!

I can't wait to all get together so I can get pics of Will and Porter. They are the sweetest babies and so cute! I might try and steal a pic off Christina's blog so I can put a pic of Will out there. MARY! Get on it....you need a blog too....I want to see more of Porter. And Sara.....you too...I want to see your life and how you guys are doing.

I do want to say thanks to Mandi and to Christina for their blogs. I check them every day and I love you all so much and I know we don't see each other enough, but you are in my thoughts and prayers and you both got me to do this.

Love my Rouse family! Happy New Year!!!

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