Monday, December 22, 2008

The Original Boof

So a few years ago I met my best friend. We had a mutual friend, Will-Bill (name is another story and will be be explained later or not). I kinda thought she was a bee with an itch, but we continued to run into each other. We both laid claims to Will-Bill even though I knew him much longer than she did. HA! We had one night that we totally bonded over our friendship with the WB. WB had decided to buy a camper and travel the US and Canada with his pup, Alli. We planned a going away party for him and his mom came from Savannah too. The party was great until some of his work buddies showed up and wanted to take him away to a bar. Needless to say......the Boof and I totally bowed up and had none of it. With his mom's support, he ended up hanging with us. WE WON!!! After that we exchanged phone numbers and started chatting every so often. The more I got to know her, the better I liked her and she was no longer a bee with an itch. I DID make the mistake of complimenting her a couple of times and later found out she thought I was gay. Thanks Boof! For the NOT gay! I just believe that women should support each other and be complimentary and be truthful. It has turned out to be the most wonderful friendship! I had friends in college and after that I thought were my best friends but time takes it toll and age wisens you. I think once you reach a certain age you know what is important and you also realize the ones that are worth keeping in your life and that will have your back no matter what. Jen and WB are my #1's. Would give my life for them and I believe they would do the same for me. For the rest, names must be named and in no particular order:
Kathy, Scott, Sharon, Todd, Jason, Mark, Jerry, Shane, Timmy (even though we never see enough of him because he lives in the ATL and everything is better there-HA!). I am so sure I am leaving someone out, but the crew I have in my life are the absolute most wonderful people. I finally have that friend family that I craved so much in college and after. It is so great to be 40 and know what matters and WHO matters! Sooooooo......the pic is of the Boof and me and there will be a pick of the WB coming later! Great picture of the Boof but I look like a deer in headlights and I am SOOOOO loving the double red chin! So to end up this post - I am a lucky girl to have a best friend! Love you Boof!

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