Saturday, December 27, 2008


So my cousins and my cousin's wife are all about getting into Facebook. I know listening to Rick and Bubba that Bubba started a Facebook page so he could see pics of a tennis player's family that he was hosting. And let me clarify.......a tennis player from like Russia stayed at their house during a pro/am tennis (Bubba is all about tennis now) tournament. The only way she could show him pics of her family was for him to sign up. Now apparently he is into it. I made the foray by signing up based on all these recommendations. I made it about 2 steps in and then freaked out. They wanted so much info - first name, last name, bday, high school, city, state and there was no lock of security. I am completely freaked out that my cousins and relatives are just all out there with their info that can be hacked. I am enough of a black helicopter worrier that if I give my full name and birthday and the high school I graduated from and city.....that hackers will get me! So to sum up...... no Facebook for me. I am out!!!

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