Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Gracie

So the original Boof has 2 dogs now. The original angel of hers is our Gracie. I love this angel! She is a big girl who unfortch has some really bad arthritis. It would take thousands and thousands to fix her but she has a wonderful family that loves her more than life. It is so funny how similar Gracie and their new puppy Chloe are to our Daisy and LulaBelle. Gracie is very protective of her Mom (the Boof) and will lay outside the bedroom door and will not let Chloe in or out depending on which side of the room she got stuck in. LulaBelle will trap Daisy in the kitchen or in Mom's room or if Daisy is in the chair with me - she will sometimes have none of it. Irregardless....Lu is a little like Gracie....she is the alpha until Daisy rebels.

I got to go to Jen's house this weekend and take some pics. This one is my fave. Jen and Gracie are each other's #1 and you can see it here.

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