Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fireman Santa

So Mom and I have had a long, long day. We had to take back our new TV's because for some reason they would not work with the Charter HD boxes. Can I tell you how much fun it is to carry a 42 inch TV up and down the stairs. Woo-Hoo! We exchanged them so I got to carry another one back up plus setting up the one downstairs. Needless to say, it is done and we have working HD TV's! Whoot! Go Vizio!

I then replaced the filter in the attic, then wrapped presents for Auburn and then helped Mom finish up the vat of squash casserole we are taking for the Christmas lunch tomorrow.

We had finally sat down to relax (with the dang windows open because it is so nice and warm here) and we started hearing all these sirens. We were completely freaked out b/c they just kept going and going for like 30 minutes. We were just praying that there was nothing serious, but for all that noise we were so worried something bad was happening. Then we remembered! Thank you Fireman Santa for coming to see us again!!! He comes every year but usually later so it was a pleasant surprise to round out a long busy day! Merry Christmas!

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