Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work Over

This is on the main road to and from my office. I kept driving by and loved how the trees reflected in the water and how there was the little lonely dock. I took this shot as I left work today and the sun was obviously going down. I can't thank you enough, MOM, for this camera. I am always looking for the pic that interests me. I am now pulling over to the side of the roads when I see something I want to capture! If you had not given me this camera then there would be no blog!

LOVE YOU, MOM!!! And thank you my WB for helping her!



  1. Great Picture : if only Will Ferell could claim the same:

    Lets start with his quality work :

    ELF : A : it's christmas :let's be nice and besides it introduced the world to Zooey

    OLD SCHOOL: A : only because he's the third lead and Luke Wilson improves every film he's been in. Vince Vaughn at the top of his game.

    ZOOLANDER : F: possibly made for a chance to smoke pot with ben Stiller and finish the rest of the script : also for the check.

    TALLADEGE NIGHTS : F : made to lure in the redneck crowd on opening weekend : Co-Star : John C. Reily ; the orginal ass clown.

    STEPBROTHERS : F : did I mention John C. Reily is an ass clown

    Anchorman : F; you know my opinion :total crap but introduced the world to Steve Carell ; so he could turn out 2nd rated crap in the name of comedy: ( please stick with TV )\


  2. Laura I'm sorry about my dad. He giggled as he typed that message about "ass clowns." And for the record Step Brothers and Zoolander were good movies!