Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie Reviews

Mama Mia: Okay, my neighbor, Laura, saw this in the theater and LOVED it. I like Abba as much as the next person and thought this would be a great movie. Needless to say.....I was sooooo wrong. The Boof and tried to watch it. We got about 30 minutes in and had to turn it off. It had so many good actors, but the material was awful. At the point that there were a bunch of men in swimming trunks high-stepping it in flippers down a dock to an Abba song......I was out! Not to mention that the whole time I was watching it I was in a hot flash of embarrassment for the actors in the movie. It is bad when you feel sorry for the actors and wonder why they chose this movie.

1408: I am actually watching this one right now. It has John Cusack so of course I am on it. He is a writer who goes to haunted places to debunk them. He is at the Dolphin Hotel in room 1408 where several peeps have died. I usually don't like these type movies, but I do love me some John Cusack....HELLO...Say Anything and the "In Your Eyes" scene. So far so good on this one. A little creepy and interested enough to stay with it.

Ghost Town: Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni......Two major thumbs up! Super cute and so fun. The Boof and WB watched it and we laughed out loud. We all wondered why it was not a huge hit. Highly recommend!!


  1. movie reviews

    7 pounds : depressing : rental

    Doubt: excellant theme and acting : was he? / was she?

    Curious Case of Benjamin Button : a little long but well done : Brad Pitt is maturing as an actor

  2. Heard 7 pounds was sad....Doubt will go in my queue.....Heard Ben Button was very interesting and a totally different movie but worth watching. I will definitely watch!

  3. loved GhostTown and I too don't understand why it didn't get more attention -- Gervais is soo funny (saw him on Graham Norton the other day) and hope his career in the states hits big time - and, who doesn't like Kinnear