Sunday, January 25, 2009

R.I.P. - Lorie Johnson

Lorie Johnson died tonight at 6:50. You can scroll down in the blog to see her story and I will include her web address that you have to copy and paste.

Today has been a day of polar opposites. You have Daniel who was so talented and the drugs got him, then you have the Mom who gets breast cancer when she is 6 months pregnant. BOTH are not fair. Daniel, through God and his brother wanted to change and he accepted Christ, then you have the Mom that had accepted Christ a long time ago and they are both dead. I am trying to find the fairness in both. I know God has our lives mapped out, but why didn't Daniel have a chance to continue to influence and inspire his cheering kids and why did Lorie have to die and leave her husband and kids?

But then I also know that in the death of both.....people will be changed. They were so loved and so cherished. Still not fair.

Please say prayers tonight for the Poteate and the Johnson families......they are the best representations of God's work on each end of the spectrum. Her website is below:

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