Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More from the UR

So Unky Rog and I have a definite difference of opinion on Will Ferrell movies. I find SOME of them absolutely fun and stupid and silly. His opinion of Will Ferrell....just stupid. I still pose the question to him.....let's debate Jim Carrey movies....especially "Dumb and Dumber". Curious his opinion on that type silliness. I think we have a bank of movie stars that you love or hate....I propose: Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and again Jim Carrey. They all have some shining moments and those that just make you just cringe.

And UR....have you watched "Shaun of the Dead" or any Simon Pegg movie? I am a huge fan of his and I have seen Shaun probably 50 times. LOVE English humor and he is a cutie patootie!

AND for those out there - UR has the greatest kids! My Maggie had this comment:

Laura I'm sorry about my dad. He giggled as he typed that message about "ass clowns." And for the record Step Brothers and Zoolander were good movies!

He did say "ass clown" and that was funny! No apology necessary! Loved it! Thanks my Magpie for contributing to the blog! I have an entry coming dedicated to you and Zack Attack! AND you have good taste in movies!

Now here are his reviews of Will Ferrell movies, I will have my rebuttal in red:

ELF : A : it's christmas :let's be nice and besides it introduced the world to Zooey. I agree that Elf is such a fun movie. I also agree about Zooey....she is a hoot and I love her sister, Emily Deschanel on the show "Bones". Both are such beautiful quirky girls.

OLD SCHOOL: A : only because he's the third lead and Luke Wilson improves every film he's been in. Vince Vaughn at the top of his game. I would like to see Luke Wilson really make a great movie...he is such a side guy. Vince Vaughn - love him and always will. He is the ultimate fast talking sarcastic guy and so much like the UR! No wonder he likes him! But the scene when Will is totally owned me especially when his wife pulls up next to him. Overall I think this one is a guy movie but it did have some funny parts.

ZOOLANDER: F: possibly made for a chance to smoke pot with ben Stiller and finish the rest of the script : also for the check. I have seen this one time and it was a long time ago so I really don't have an opinion on it.

TALLADEGA NIGHTS : F : made to lure in the redneck crowd on opening weekend : Co-Star : John C. Reily ; the orginal ass clown. Living here in the is very easy to stereotype and I am totally fine with it. It is funny! I am not a NASCAR fan but I don't begrudge those that like it. I can pretty much get the fact the Will Ferrell was spot on in this characature. I thought it was a hoot! I would love to see him do an SEC football movie! And by the is a classic redneck stereotype pic:

YUP! If you don't get it....look closer and think Hanes!

STEPBROTHERS: F : did I mention John C. Reily is an ass clown. I agree with the UR on this one. There were a couple of sight gags that made me laugh but overall....I agree F.

Anchorman: F; you know my opinion :total crap but introduced the world to Steve Carell ; so he could turn out 2nd rated crap in the name of comedy: ( please stick with TV ). Sorry....this one still owns me. There are so many wonderful and stupid things in the movie that, for some reason I got tickled and can still quote it. I agree with the UR about Steve Carrell. I love that man and he owned me through the whole movie. Maybe that is why I like it so much. Not too mention Paul Rudd!

AND for the 80's babies...Will Ferrell is shooting "Land of the Lost". I am so on that! I loved
"Land of the Lost" and the Sleestaks and Cha-Ka! Good stuff!

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