Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Unky Rog

So I would like to officially post that me and Unky Rog are movie fans! I was so excited to see him comment to my movie review post. Please note the pic......we might have to go thumbs up or thumbs down! He already has the thumb up ready! In his comments he had movie reviews of movies that I have not seen yet but I have them in my Netflix queue.

He will be our go to guy of movie reviews if he is willing and we can debate. I will post all his reviews here and then he can come back on me in comments. He will never let me live down "Anchorman". Sorry that was ding dang funny - "I love lamp" - "I want to invite you to my pants party"! maybe Steve Carrell made the movie for me, but Paul Rudd and the jazz flute....owned me! I wonder if he liked "Dumb and Dumber"? UR....opinion please. The people of "Asssssspen" would love to known (U had to see it to get that reference!). HA!

He will also be know as "UR" for typing purposes. I respect his opinion when it comes to movies except for the fact he did not like "Anchorman" and that is so sad. Also for those out there, he is a wonderful person and he is the heart cath specialist. He took care of my Mom and Grandma and pretty much everyone in Auburn. He has a special place in Heaven for the work he does and I respect him very much. Not to mention he instilled a wicked sense of humor in his kids from his own wicked sense of humor and sarcasm! Wouldn't trade him for the world! Love you, UR!!

So here we go on his opinions and mine! See Below:

7 pounds: Will Smith movie.....UR says: "depressing, rental". Everything I read about this movie...I have to agree. I will watch it, but not pay big theater money for it so the UR and Boof review are both I think a solid thumbs down.

Doubt: UR says: "excellent theme and acting : was he? / was she?" I am curious about this one because.....HELLO.....Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.....has to be good, but I will also wait for video. I am sure it is intense and with these actors opposing each other....rather see Meryl in this role that in the succubus that was "Mama Mia".

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: UR says: "a little long but well done : Brad Pitt is maturing as an actor". I want to see this one too. I had a new co-worker tell me it was a very "different movie" but he encouraged everyone at the table to go see it. I have been trying to think what Brad Pitt movies I like. I love "Legends of the Fall" and "Fight Club" and after that I kinda go blank. The Oceans movies I can take or leave....whatever. OOOOOOhhhhh, wait.....loved "7even" - "What's in the box?". That was good and again I go blank. Wait...let me check IMDB......BRB....ok...."A River Runs Through It" was great......wait.....and well...that is about it. I hope UR is right because when Brad does it right...he is very good.

So, UR, I hope you aren't upset that you are now all up in this blog including your pic! Keep the comments coming so we can debate! AND did you see "Ghost Town"? Waiting for your opinion on ya' UR!

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