Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh....The Brushing

So summer is over....well it is supposed to be even though it was like 76 here today....ridiculous! Only in the South would the football season be one game away from being over (AU and UA game) and Thanksgiving is 2 days away and we are 76 and wearing shorts and t-shirts.....for the love....I need some cold weather! We had to turn on the air conditioning today after having all the windows open. There was no wind and it was just sticky and hot! we supposedly go into winter, we wanted to let the kids' hair grow back out so they have a proper "skirt". If you have schnauzers then you know that their backs and sides are kept a little short but from right above their belly on the sides and their legs, the hair is longer. They had been shaved down for the summer. Now is the time as their "skirt" grows back out, I have to be diligent in making sure they are brushed so they don't get knotted. They are crazy babies that run and wrestle and get knotted. So tonight was a good brushing with a comb. I had to take some scissors to a couple of knots on their chest. They split a slice of cheese and a couple of Wheat Thins as a reward for their patience and then they were done:

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