Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple Festival

Heads up...this is going to be a long post. Went to Atlanta this past weekend to see my "festival" friends. We love a good festival.....arts and crafts and fair food and fun! YEAH! We drove north to Ellijay, GA for the Apple Festival. We had been before about 3 years ago but we hoped this year was going to be different because between the last time and this time...J had this little buddy:

This was going to be his first big festival but alas.....Jack woke up Friday morning with a 103 fever and strep throat...ugh and bless his heart! Needless to say, Jack was not going with us to the festival...Dad was awesome and took care of him so us girls could go have at it and BTW, Jack was much better on Saturday morning but not quite festival better. We were all looking so forward to taking him but next time it will happen!

So we drove the hour or so up to Ellijay. I took this shot of the mountains on the way...the smudges are not my camera.....they are on the windshield and couldn't be helped but still pretty:

Then there was this church nestled in the trees:

It is amazing how just going a few hours north is so amazing. We are lucky where we live because we are so close to beach and so close to mountains.

Anyway...we had to park UP at the middle school. I saw the drive up the hill to the school and all I could think is that I have not spent enough time on the elliptical and if we buy too much stuff....coming back up....we are dead! Going down...easy peasy...going back up...for the love! Nothing we could do so we parked up and headed down. I took this shot looking back up the hill...we were only about a 1/4 way down when I took this...it was a very bad hill....

Of course the first thing we needed to do after driving an hour and stopping at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and giant drinks is to make THE dreaded pit stop:

I think every female hates the PAP but as far as PAP's go...these were clean. I was so blown away by the portable sinks they had outside!! I have NEVER seen these before...AWESOME!

I didn't get it in the picture, but there is a pump at the bottom that you press with your foot so water comes out of faucet and you have soap and paper towels and it was great! I am a clean hand freak so I just wanted to carry this portable sink with me everywhere...
So the first thing we came upon....the pony rides...so cute! I hope these ponies are well taken care of because I am a little bit of an animal freak (not to the PETA crazy animal freak - I LOVE STEAK!) but I don't want animals to be treated poorly either but I digress...these guys were cute:

Then, of course, there was the baby bungee jumping and no problem with that:

THEN we round the corner and REALLY? REALLY? CAMEL RIDES? Camels in Georgia? REALLY? And 3 of them??

There were so many booths of sauces and of course tons of jelly. But I did love the name of this hot sauce:

I am not a huge fudge fan but did sample a little here and it was good! Lots of flavors:

I loved that they had the stage for cloggers and gymnasts and dancers and everyone was waiting for the fun! It was really kind of sweet and small town:

There was, of course, the GIANT pumpkin!

One of the things on my list NOT to do is take helicopter rides at a small apple festival in Ellijay, GA.....BUT if that is up your alley....done:

I kind of wanted this Auburn plate but I couldn't justify $75 for it...really??!!! $75....too much for me especially this football season (love you Auburn! Family All In)...please ignore the ugly plates on each side!:

Now the strangest booth but also the most popular....the booth of fake flower grave arrangements....no joke....this booth was hopping. I remember it from the last time we went and they were busy then too. I don't know if it is so sad because so many died or so happy because the families want to pay respect and show love....

And last but not least was the guy with the chain saw carving logs. He was rocking the Slash hat and doing his thing. Didn't get to see the end product because we were done and hot and ready to go by that point but here he is:

We had a great time and I love my festival friends.....next one I want to go to is a Renaissance Fair....that is a dream for me....seriously...bring it!!!

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