Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decorations- Old School or Theme

So I have had a couple of days off and I am so thankful for it....gotten most chores done except the whole Christmas decorating thing. Can't wait to get our stuff up! I walked the kids this evening and a ton of our neighbors have all their decorations done. Not to knock anyone, but every single house I saw decorated had nothing but white boring lights. Sorry...I grew up with the big multi-colored bulbs that if one went out, you just unscrew it and replace. You would have boxes of these replacements.

Now you have trees with white lights, themes and ribbons.....bring me back some old school lights and ooooooohhh....silver garland:

Our house is going to be aglow with multi-colored lights and original decorations with NO themes or just bland white lights! each their their own and not to diss....but give me colored lights and silver garland!! Merry Christmas!

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