Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ESPN Films: Roll Tide/War Eagle

Watched the documentary tonight that ESPN put together about the football rivalry in this state. I was a bit disappointed. We all look a little crazy. I HATE that they did not focus on the students and that they focused on the crazy rednecks calling into Paul Finebaum. I hated that they didn't show how awesome Alabama was when the Auburn oaks were poisoned. It was a huge thing the Alabama students and fans did to reach out to Auburn and show that they supported Auburn and not the rogue fan. It was an awesome thing that Auburn students and fans were there for Alabama in the aftermath of the tornado. They WOULD do the same for us. It was a little too broad based and did not really show us as how we are.......we are Alabama and we are Auburn but when it comes down to it....we will cross lines and support each other and help and it is a shame they didn't show enough of that.....

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