Sunday, March 22, 2009

Analyzing pics of the pups

My Daisy May...the delicate flower!

Now I just feel bad....I don't have that super cute pic of LulaBelle! May May is so photogenic and getting that type pic of my LulaBelle is harder. Lu has the most beautiful eyes, but I just have not gotten the one. I am going to try and get it the is another of the Dais.....

Got a couple of Lu....hold we Lu has the BEST EAR! Daisy May May is super cute. LulaBelle is beyond cute but she is also very regal. Daisy wants to be in your lap and cuddled. LulaBelle will tolerate the cuddling and she will snuggle especially at night, but it is more important that she knows exactly where you are at all times. She follows me and is content just to be in the same room. When I get home, May May just jumps up and down and tries to kiss with her teeth....she is so crazed! Lu is so calm and just looks at me like trying to confirm that it is real that I am home. She is a thinker.....

No matter what pic I take of Lu....she has the crazy eyes. She is so focused...I cannot get that pic that exudes the actual warmth of her eyes.
How about this one of the Lu? I love this one....wet nose!

Here's another of my LulaBelle that I just got:

I think I have it figured every pic of the Dais, her eyes show up as black, but in every pic of the Lu, her eyes show up as super brown and her pupils being so black that she looks so focused that she looks a little nuts. In the real day to day world, her eyes are just as dark as Dais'. Let's compare:
Daisy looking in the camera:

Lu looking in the camera:

Now side by side (you will have to double click on this pic to make it bigger so you can see the color difference):

That is what it is....LulaBelle has browner eyes than the Dais. If Daisy's eyes were as brown then she would have the crazy eyes....but if Daisy has black eyes...does that make her evil? Does that counteract her cuteness? Should I be scared?

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