Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Small

This video completely owns me! Jennifer is the mom of Beth. Here is their story:

Beth was born 14 weeks too early on January 31, 2006 and weighed 1lb and 15 oz. Now a healthy little girl, this blog discusses her journey through the NICU and now as a "graduate" navigating the world with her family at her side and her twin sister, Julianne, watching over her from Heaven. God took Julianne to be an angel at His side but gave us Beth so we would be warmed by her smile.

Jen used to do marketing for our company and I love her to death.....a very strong and smart woman. She was in the hospital for at least a month trying to save Beth. Had to be so still so Beth would live....especially after losing Julianne. Now Beth is 3 years old and just hit 24 pounds. She really is a thriving little girl, but.....just watch the video and use sound....bless it!

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