Thursday, March 19, 2009


So now I have caved in and I have a Facebook page....I Facebook....I am on The Facebook....I can be Facebooked.....I am Facebooking......I know other Facebookers....

My friends in the ATL kept encouraging me to sign up.....I saw no reason why...but then my accountant...who I love dearly and have worked with for years because he does our company's accounting and my family's and my friends' accounting.....told me he was in a rock band. Knowing John...I was all please tell me there are pictures. He gave me a website to go to so I could hear some of their music, but I would have to Facebook to see his pic from the early years. He sucked me in and the pic is great and their music was good. He played bass.

You can listen to them at:

I don't understand the purpose of Facebook yet. I love blogging here more, meh....we will see about the Facebook thing!

Can I just segue to how happy I am that I finally figured out how to put video on the blog? I feel like the smartest person EVER! Proud of me and all you smarter computer people reading this just need to "Shut It"! I know you know how to do this, but it was a wonderful breakthrough for me and I did it by myself! Worked through! Yeah ME!

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