Monday, March 2, 2009

I think Mr. Tooth is my friend now?

I have touched on Mr. Tooth before in previous posts. He was full and present today...thanks Mr. Tooth! Went in this afternoon to have my permanent crown installed.

Here is a hint when going to the dentist...if you don't already know this and if you have one.....TAKE YOUR I-POD! It helps! AND if he offers numbing...GO FOR IT!

I am not afraid of the dentist by any means, but today was something. I got in there and in the chair. Dr. Hazouri sat down and just popped off my temp crown like it was nothing. It didn't hurt but it freaked me out how quickly he popped it off.

So because of my grinding/clinching, I have the short molar with a little wiggly nerve. He kept popping the permanent crown on and off. Every time he brought it back to check the fit..for the was a shot of fun.....NOT!

Once we got the fit right, he told me a second before the glue was setting up that if I wanted to be numbed now is the time. Me being an idiot said...just go for it..I am probs. Ummmmm.....bad idea. He pushed that permanent crown on with the glue and said to bite down and hold it for 5 minutes. Yeah....that went well....

Because of that nerve...AND he did warn me......WOW...I had pain shooting through my jaw and down through my neck and down to the collar bone. I just wiggled and flailed legs a little.

Then the tears started. How fun is it to be laying on your back as your tears flow down your face and into your ears where you have your Ipod ear buds? By the time the hygienist (Bless her heart) noticed I was crying...the pain was done. Win place was only about 2 minutes, but dang I could not stop crying. She was so freaked out. The more she asked me if I was okay, the more I cried. Once you start down that path...hard to stop. She got me some tissue.

Irregardless, I survived. The crown is a little too tall, but I will address that later. Dr. Hazouri kept asking if the bite was right...I said it was perfect knowing that it was too tall. I just wanted to leave. I will go back and have it hammered down, but at least it is done!

Don't be afraid of the dentist. I love going to the dentist and making sure that my teeth are good. This experience was me being stupid and cocky. Next time....numb me up Baby! And pray for me that this works....otherwise he said "We will have to remove the nerve"! A root canal...seriously...please pray!

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