Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poor LulaBelle!

It happened again! Lu got bit by something. She had another big lump on her and it abscessed. Bless her heart! She has a hole on her back hindquarter. She had to to get a big shot of antibiotics and I get to treat it with warm compresses, Neosporin and some Benadryl. It hurts and she gets a little jumpy so the Benadryl has been a blessing. Of course it is in a place we can't wrap so I found this t-shirt at the store. It is perfect for covering up the area so she can't lick off the Neosporin or rub it off. We had to use a few safety pins to hike it up so she can walk, but she is working it. She swishes in it! And yes, it does say "I'm with Gorgeous"!

Daisy May has been a good sister and checks in on her. Here they are snuggling down for the night.....Lu is already out (again, thanks Benadryl) and Daisy is on her way!

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