Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Music - Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket and Adele

Artist: Bon Iver Album: Bon Iver

I have heard and kind of known about Bon Iver for a while...heard a few songs here and there then I got lucky and they had him as a guest on one of the XM stations promoting his new album. The artist is actually Justin Vernon and the band name is pronounced "bon e-vair" which is derived from French "bon hiver" which means "good winter" (thanks Wikipedia). Anyway he recorded this album in a cabin in Wisconsin in three months.

I LOVE this album.....I have been putting it in my DVD player at night, setting the timer on the TV and going to sleep listening....I usually make it to song 2 and I am relaxing and pretty and haunting and just good....

Here is the first release: "Calgary"

Next is Fleet Foxes Album: Helplessness Blues

Fell in love with the Fleet Foxes song "Mykonos". This is actually the first CD I actually bought of theirs. I miss buying CD's....kinda tired of Itunes....anyway I felt it was worth buying this one based on the first release from the album. They are also pretty chill and kind of remind me of a Crosby, Stills and Nash but better! Right now, my fave song on the album is "Helplessness Blues"....see below:

And here is the first official release "Grown Ocean" it too!

And next is My Morning Jacket Album: Circuital
Listening to XM and heard "Holdin' 0n To Black Metal". I fell in love with this song and had to get the CD. Now I love the whole album...but here is the song that made me buy the CD, not an official video....just the song:

And finally....Adele! Album: 21
I love her voice and her music! The original Boof got me this for my birthday. There are so many good songs on this that I can't just name one so I am going to throw 3 out there....maybe 4 that are just awesome! Would love to see her in concert....
Here is one of my faves..."One and Only"...chose this "video" because it had almost 2million hits:

Then she blew me away with her cover of The Cure's "Lovesong". I am a LOOOOONG time Cure fan and she is live on Letterman....her voice is pure and I wish I could pull off those eyelashes in every day life!:

Here is the last song on the album...there is an official video but the first time I heard it was in this little video she did at her house before the album was released. It is a little longer but it has almost 9 million hits on You Tube....worth watching. Song is "Someone Like You":

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  1. Thanks to you for introducing me to some new ones I hadn't heard before! Hadn't heard Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes before -- totally relaxed now that I listened to Bon Iver, and I'm thinking that may be just the music for me to invest in here lately :0) While I was listening to Fleet Foxes' first song you have posted, it reminded me a little of Mumford and Sons ... maybe it was the tempo of the song and the acoustic guitar. Do you like Mum & Sons too? And Adele of course... rocks my world! She's amazing!