Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Original Boof has always told me I need to be a little more dramatic with my eyeshadow. In the past I would find a neutral shade, maybe coral colored and just sweep it over my entire eye, throw on some mascara and call it a day. I love going makeup shopping and I started looking at some of the new Maybelline eyeshadows. They have a new line (not sure how long they have been out but new to me) that match or accentuate your eye color. My eyes are green so I decided to try out a few. Well, now I am obsessed! I am having a blast playing up the eyes a little and getting out of my comfort zone. I know they are saying this shadow is best for this or that eye color to get that color to pop but I think they work for all eye colors. Here are some of the ones I have.....I know....obsessed!

I have two of the duos...Sunkissed Olive and Dusk. Then in the others I have Plum Smokes, Velvet Crush, Crown Jewels and Queen Gardens.

For eyeshadow newbies like me, they have imprinted the shadows so you know what goes where. It tells you the liner, the crease, the lid and the base. So fun! I can't believe that I have been putting some purple on my lids and I love it!

Also, as far as the liners...I do like lining at my lash line but I don't particularly like pencil liners. I like using shadows as a liner. To me it is softer. I went ahead and invested in a good eyeliner brush from Estee Lauder. Maybe I could have found a cheaper one but it does work and makes a difference and it is awesome!

I will also go on record that mineral powder rocks!!!!!! I have never worn foundation in the past. Down here with the humidity and the wonderful non-feminine sweat glands that I seem to have in my FACE makes regular foundation not an option. In the past, I would buy some under eye cover and kind of use it all over. Then when they opened an Ulta here I went in and discovered mineral powder! FOR THE LOVE!! It is is can sweat and be, love, love!!! Ulta has two kinds of mineral powder but I like the PUR in Golden Medium. It covers like you wouldn't believe and if you sweat...just dab and nothing is running down your face.

Now I am also in the process of trying out the Olay Pro-X line of moisturizers. My skin is pretty particular about what it likes on it. To this day I still take off my eye makeup with Ponds cold cream and wash with Noxema. My moisturizers have varied but Olay products have always worked great with my skin. I went through a phase....a very short phase.....of using the expensive Estee Lauder skin stuff. They really were awesome but way too expensive. Olay is the only one that does not make me break out so I am sticking with them. I will post more on the Olay Pro-X....thus far....I likey!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would love to come play in your makeup collection!! I'm afraid I don't have enough places to go to wear all those pretty different colors :o) Totally agree with you on the mineral powder... love love love! I switched to it several years ago and will never go back. It gives such a pretty shimmer, too!