Friday, May 6, 2011

Wrought Iron Flowers

Every year we try and replenish the deck with fresh flowers. We try and buy flowers to attract our yearly hummingbirds. We have done bougainvillea...which is much loved but our favorite nursery closed its doors and can't find any that were as beautiful as the ones we found there. We have done the geraniums. They have held up but some summers here in the south it is way too hot. No matter how much you water, they just burn up on the deck which gets super hot direct sun.

Down the road from our house is a wrought iron store that has some really cool stuff. This year we started noticing their flowers. DING DING! A light went off. So tired of spending tons of money on flowers that were just dying sooooooooooo we did this:

We found the pot at Costco for $50 and then we were trying to figure out what to fill it up with to hold these flowers. We discussed sand and soil. Decided it was too heavy. As we were going around Costco we found recycled tire mulch....perfect! It was not too heavy but heavy enough to hold these flowers in their place.

We did get some geraniums to go around and fingers crossed they will survive once it gets really hot but if not.....these flowers aren't going anywhere!

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