Friday, May 6, 2011


So continuing with the previous post and flowers....our peony went nuts this year! Could not believe how many flowers we got this year. We gave flowers out to neighbors and still have vases full of flowers! They smell like Heaven and are so beautiful!
Here they are before we picked them:

You can see just the first flowers and then ALL the buds in the background. Here is one of the peony and a bud up close. So many delicate petals and they smell unbelievable!

Here is the vase we had on the coffee table....can't believe how many we had....

We have a magnet vase on the 'fridge so they went there too:

AND more on the mantel......

AND more in the kitchen window....

Every year we get more and we are so grateful for them. God blessed us with a beautiful and colorful and smell good world! YEAH!

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  1. Wow, peonies are my favorite flower.... I wanted them in my wedding, but I got married in November, so that was sort of out of the question! They're so gorgeous and full, though! Jealous that you have some of your very own!