Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sutures and Abscesses

Oh yeah....it has been a fun couple of days. Buried further down in the blog is the adventure of Daisy May having emergency bladder surgery last November. Well the fun with that continues. Apparently when they do that kind of surgery, there are 3 layers of sutures. Not all of her sutures are dissolving. They are working their way to the surface and causing little hot spots on her belly. She has had 2 come through with about 3 or 4 more to go. She went through a round of antibiotics for the first one. Yesterday we went to the vet to check on another one. Thank goodness we only have to put Neosporin on it. It is fine. When I took her yesterday, LulaBelle went along for moral support.

I picked them up yesterday afternoon. On the way home, LulaBelle started freaking out and trying to get at her side. She was jumping all over the place and flipping around. I got to our place and pulled up by our mailbox. I leaned over to check her side and see what was going on and all I could make out was blood and pus (sorry....don't want to be gross, but it is what it is). I drove around to the house and handed Daisy off and zoomed back to the vet. Turns out Ms. LulaBelle had gotten bitten by something and it abscessed. The vet shaved that area and cleaned it out and now she has a hole a little smaller than a dime in her side. Had no idea it was there......she must have rubbed it up against the seat in the car on the way home and that made it come open (yuck)! So we went home with what we are calling the "cone of shame" and she has been miserable ever since. She does not like the cone and will just freeze and not move but it is the only way we can keep her from licking and biting at it. Took it off last night so she could sleep and I just kept an eye on her alllllll night. We did not sleep much. Daisy May was a good sissy last night and kept checking on her.....
First...."cone of shame":

Then Daisy jumped up to sit with her:

What you can't see from the picture is when Daisy jumped up there she put her paw on Lu's leg letting her know she was there....so sweet:

And today, my Mom had a great idea.....LulaBelle is now wearing her little fleece jacket that covers the bad spot where she can't get to it and we have been able to do away with the "cone of shame"! She is much happier and I also went by the vet and got her some pain pills. That should also help her chill out a little....

AND you can thank me for not taking a picture of the abscess....it is gnarly!!!

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