Thursday, May 28, 2009


Our neighborhood is the best! I have met the most wonderful people and the most wonderful women. We have women who are divorced, widowed, single, married, and most have dogs.....We have Oscar, Bojing (not spelled right), Izzy, Sadie, Raquel, Riley, Lilly, and there are many more, but this is our core group.

We have 2 faves! Kathleen with her giant poodle, Raquel and Cindy with her golden, Riley. They are the best women and have the best dogs. Our kids ain't (yeah....I said "ain't") afraid of matter how big they are!

We love plants in the spring. If you read my earlier post, you can see some of the plants we bought at my office in Mt Laurel. I told these ladies about it and we all went out there a few Saturdays ago and had lunch at Jimbo's (best cheeseburgers ever) and plant shopped. Somehow, one of the employees there was able to get 4 of those giant ferns and and I can't even count all the other plants in Cindy's car! I think she has a Camry? It was nuts!

Anyway.......we got all plants home. We all got great deals! Mom and I got this beautiful pink petunia that we put out front. Now knowing that we all had the same sense of humor, the ladies sneaked up and moved our petunia off the sidewalk and into the middle of our front yard. Somehow we and the Kids did not see this. When I did notice, I busted out laughing. Knew exactly what was up so in retaliation we bought tacky bobble-head gnomes and put them in their plants. That evening, after they found the gnomes, I see them coming up to the house looking like this and looking for trouble!

Long story short...there was some petunia stealing, some fern moving and some stealing gnomes back and holding them hostage:

Needless to say, the gnomes are back home and a truce has been called! I will get out with the camera and get good pics of these ladies and their Kids! Love them! I don't think sarcasm is a bad thing and I think all of us have it in spades! Love you guys!

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