Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Plants

So this year we went flower crazy! I work out in this little village off 280 and they have the most beautiful flowers and ferns AND they are cheap! It is incredible! Here is a full view:

Now here are the geraniums.....OR are they real geraniums???? That would be a NO! We got these from QVC. They are from Bethlehem lighting. They are outdoor safe and at night they have a timer and the twinkle lights come on for 6 hours and turn off. They look so real! We got tired of geraniums drying up in the direct sun on our deck so we thought....let's try this! They look real! YEAH!

Now from here on out are the real flowers/plants! This one is the "S" flower. Mom picked this one up and could not remember the name except it started with an "S". It is beautiful!

Now the yellow flower....got nothing on the name....just pretty:

Some of these are a little beat down from the rain and storms, but still hanging in there! Here is our Verbena:

Here is the Lantana - a butterfly catcher:

And last BUT not least.......drum roll......the GIANT FERN!!! This is a Kimberly Queen fern that comes out of Australia. This puppy only cost....again....drum roll.....$18.95! YEAH! I could barely fit it in my Civic, much less get it through the house to the deck, but our buddy made it! It comes up to a little above my hip...huge:

We got some petunias too. These like others are a little beat down from the rain, but still pretty!

We also have giant ant beds in the median where I take The Kids to do their business. These will be dying shortly. I have to figure out the best way to kill them and let all the other dog owners there is poison down. I hate ants!

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