Thursday, May 28, 2009


The weather has been nutty here! We have had more rain than I can believe. The plants are super happy except for the dang Lantana. That plant will just droop and get so sad every day no matter how much it rains! I do love it though and so out we go with the bucket to water it. Crazy plant!

But with this weather we have also gotten some beautiful clouds. I can almost feel what it would be like to bounce around on them and just chill. And of course that would be if I were an angel, but alas, I am here on terra firma and gravity is keeping me down. Here are some that were out a couple of nights ago. So pretty......and how lucky are we that God did not create a black and white world. He has given us so much color and fluffy and beautiful. We are very lucky!

Here is cloud 2:

AND cloud 3 with a little bit 'o' pink:

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