Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update on the Boots!

I will say that I made it through an ENTIRE day of work at the office including walking down 2 flights of stairs to get out of my house and then not being work...took the elevator up one flight....BUT then walked down another 2 flights to get out of the office.  So let's be honest....was I as graceful as a swan floating up and down stairs or did I look more like this?  YUP!

Was I close to looking like this?  Yup!!

But proudly I made it through!  By the end of the day my feet had gone numb because they had adjusted to the completely unnatural position they had been forced into and all was good until I got home and took them off.  Imagine wearing a super tight corset all day and then taking it off.....that is how my feet felt.....there was a huge expansion of relief followed by pain....

Then after I crawled around a bit and eventually made it to an upright stance I decided that I will wear them again and maybe get their twin.....the brown version!!  YEAH fashion!!!

And a footnote....oh yeah...she said "FOOTNOTE"!  HA!  The Dr. Scholl's inserts were a no-go initially because the boots were a little tight.  I will try them the next time because they stretched out after I wore them.   AND I would like some huge props for pulling this off without them.  There is something to be said for complete ability to be so stubborn!  DAMN the PAIN!  :O)

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