Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks Lu!!!! Not Worth the Tape!!

Sooooo, I would like to thank my dog, Lu, for being such a helper!  If she sees something on the floor....she will help you clean it up.  If your toilet paper is hanging too loose from the roll....she will help make streamers...

And that is Daisy's hiney in the picture....bless it....she is just an innocent bystander!

But let's say you clean out your pockets and accidentally drop a buck......Lu is there to help too!  She will make a puzzle with many missing pieces!

I have been trying to decide what size bill warrants rubber gloves (and you know what I mean!) and soap and tape to put all the pieces back together.....I know that I am good with letting this one go but a ten or a twenty???  Hmmmmmmm?  Can you wash and tape and take to the bank for a replacement???  

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