Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Will NOT Be Defeated FEET!!!

So about a month or so ago I went to see some friends in Atlanta.  We love to go to festivals (arts and crafts type) and then with time permitting, do some shopping.  I have been looking for some new boots.  So in our shopping time we went to DSW.  I love going to DSW because I get the biggest kick of going to the sale racks in the back and trying on the HIGHEST heel shoes I can find....just to see if I can do it!  I will put them on and just stand there and hold on to the rack.  If I am feeling super punky, I will see if I can walk a couple of steps.  I would say nine times out of ten....don't get very far.  I am amazed at all these stars that can just walk around in these super high heels.....they look great but my feet are a no go on the super high ones.

Anyway....looking for boots....I found exactly what I was looking for....I fell in LOVE with these Nine West boots.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  Of course I found them in the front of the store with one of my friends then I decided to try them on and walk alllllll the way to the back of the store where my other friend was searching the sale racks to show her.  If you have ever been in a know it is a large store.  I made it back there fine but was almost crawling back.  I decided that I can't do the 3.5 I took them off, put my tennies back on and walked comfortably away.  

NOW here I am a month later and I CANNOT get those boots out of my head.  I loved them so much.  Then I found out that for the first time in like 8 years we are having a company Christmas party at my boss' house.  I have to have some grown up shoes!  I cannot show up in Birkenstocks or tennies.  Long story short....I ordered the black pair of the boots with the 3.5 heel!  EEEEEK!  They got here and I still love them but the reason I decided I could maybe pull them off is because Dr. Scholl's has inserts specifically made for high heels......they pad the ball of your foot so you are more comfortable.  I have put all my money on these inserts making me able to wear these puppies.  I think I will try and wear them to work as a test and see how it goes.  I WILL have the black Birkenstocks in tow...just in case!

If nothing else, I figure I can make it through the party because boss has lots of seating.  All I have to do is make it up the driveway......stand a few times and then go sit!  I will NOT be DEFEATED!!  And if I can pull these off....there is a brown pair too....for the love.  See below:

Here are the inserts.....if you have to wear great reviews!  Will let you know if they work!  AND yes I realize I forgot about the coupon on the front and the check out lady didn't see it either...ugh!


  1. Those are killer boots,as well,I hear
    those Dr Scholl high heel inserts are really

    Have fun at your work party.:)

  2. These are gorgeous and I totally want a pair for myself... or maybe I'll just borrow yours. :) What size are you again? Seems like I remember your feet are teeny like your mama's? You may be taller than me at the party!